What We Do

In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks and in cooperation with local municipalities, the Association will:

a) work within the principles of the Parks Management Plan and Operating Program of Minnekhada Regional Park, which outlines the wildlife, recreation, historical and agriculture values of the park as well as their protection;

b) be directly and fully involved in the development of all management plans for the Park through a process of continuous consultation, co building and advice;

c) work to preserve, enhance and restore, whenever necessary, the Park’s natural environment and heritage resources;

d) encourage understanding and appreciation of the natural, historical and agricultural features of Minnekhada Regional Park through interpretive, educational and other informational programs and also awareness and promotion of health through recreational opportunities;

e) advance region-wide stewardship and enjoyment of the broad range of natural, historical and human-enhanced resources of Minnekhada Regional Park while being sensitive to the concerns of the neighbors of the Park including responsible use of the recreational trails network, the waterways, fish and habitat, land use and park facilities for diverse uses;

f) represent the Minnekhada Park Association to other agencies as appropriate, and nominate a representative to the Regional Parks Link;

g) maintain a broadly based inclusive Association with a representative executive that actively supports and advances the mission and objectives of Minnekhada Park Association;

h) support the goals of the Minnekhada Park Association through fund raising activities

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