Minnekhada Farm

Brief History of Minnekhada Farm

Minnekhada Farm is a unique heritage site that incorporates architectural skill and down-to-earth functionality. The Farm has significant cultural, social and historical value compared to other similar sites in the Lower Mainland. It has witnessed disasters, successes and many owners since it was first granted to George Alderson in 1895.

The over the years the farm has been used as a dairy, a home for race horses and polo ponies, and was owned for many years by a wealthy Vancouver businessman, Eric Hamber. Along with the lodge, the site was also owned by Colonel Clarence Wallace (who was Lieutenant Governor of BC from 1950 to 1955).

The farm was eventually owned by the BC government and in turn became part of the GVRD’s Minnekhada Regional Park system in 1995. The Farm encompasses 46 hectares (115 acres) of the 211 hectare (642 acre) park site. At the present time the Farm site is currently not accessible to the public.

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The Future of Minnekhada Farm

Recently, the Minnekhada Park Association has formed the Minnekhada Farm Exploratory Team (MFET) for the purposes of recommending potential public uses for the farm and is working with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and other organizations. We are currently in the very early stages of this projects and we will post updates as things progress.

What Does the Farm Look Like Now?

Here’s a slideshow from our tour in 2020


What do YOU Think?

We’d love you to hear from you about what you think are the most suitable uses for the farm property. Your feedback will make an impact in the decisions that are made going forward.

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