Minnekhada Farm Bat Condo Completed

Completed Bat Condo, image courtesy Kiyoshi Takahashi

An exciting addition to Minnekhada Regional Park was completed in early November of 2020 with the construction of an innovative “bat condo” on the Minnekhada Farm property. This project was realized through over 250 hours of community volunteer efforts and will provide a long term home for up to 1500 native bats, who are currently facing habitat pressures.

The structure was based on an innovative design by local bat expert Kiyoshi Takahashi and was constructed a team comprised of a general contractor and a small team of dedicated volunteers.

The project was financed by a grant from the The George Ross Legacy Stewardship Program at Pacific Parklands Foundation and we are very grateful for their support.

We look forward to seeing the bats return in spring and start to enjoy their new home!

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