About Minnekhada Park

Minnekhada Park is a 200 hectare park consisting of; a natural park with trails through woods and along a marsh; an historic Lodge, once ocuupied by Lieutenant Governor Eric Hamber; and a farm, that is not currently open to the public.

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Lodge Trail is surfaced with loose gravel and has a steep slope (18%) for 12 m with additional steep slopes (12%).

Cliff Trail has a natural soil surface and steep sections.

Meadow Trail is surfaced with a loose gravel and has some steep slopes (14.3% for 9.4m) Roots, rocks, and other obstacles may create a barrier for some users.

Log Walk Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface.

Quarry Trail is narrow with a packed dirt surface and steep slopes.

Dogs must be on-leash throughout the park. Check local signs for details. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog’s droppings.

Bears sightings are common in the park. Please exercise caution and obey all signs. Visitors are reminded that they should not feed or approach wildlife. For more information about bears and safety please visit the Get Bear Smart Society.

Specific Activities

Our group endeavours to bring to the larger public the unique beauty and setting of Minnekhada Regional Park through activities including Invasive plant removals, outreach events in the Tri-cities, wildlife monitoring, native planting events and partner events with the Burke Mountain Naturalists and Metro Vancouver Parks.

Check out the News and Updates page to see what is coming up.

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